This beautiful Island I call home

Vancouver Island is beautiful.

I love that this is where I get to live.  And I appreciate that I have the choice to participate in leisure with all the rights and freedoms of a Canadian citizen.  So with those statements in mind, I’m now going to gush about how much I enjoy working on Vancouver Island as a Master of Leisure.

Chum Derby 2018

 I think it’s fascinating that we all look at the world through different lenses.  Walk across the Kinsol Trestle with friends and talk about all of the ways in which we interpret that experience based on the lens with which we see.

My lens is leisure, social sustainability, and quality of life.  Fishing with my friends while soaking up the sunshine and coastal air and participating in a community fundraiser and social? Count. Me. In.  As volunteer coordinator for the Campbell River Salmon Foundation’s annual fundraiser, I feel stoked to be an active part of contributing back to that community in the best way I can.  My sciences are social so marine biology is not in my wheelhouse, but get me working with the people who will provide a seamless guest experience to guests who are donating funds for salmon and salmon habitat restoration, and I’m leading the team.  Work projects focussed on facilitating engagement, collecting data, and enacting solutions for tourism, community, and recreation development is leading me to collaborate with partners from academia to private industry, from not-for-profit organizations to government, and from Vancouver Island North through to Nanaimo.  I’m grateful that leisure and community are increasingly weaving their way into conversations in economic development, health, education, and transportation.

I hope all of us are finding ways to be active participants in our own communities.  I encourage you to think about how leisure can be part of that participation.  I dedicate a lot of my time and energy into leisure and one of the ways in which I leisure is volunteering.  There are countless volunteer opportunities in every community ranging from one-time to on-going commitments; you can interact with people, you can perform physical labour, you can lead events, you can work behind the scenes, and you can find your tribe of people who help you feel connected to the place that you live.

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Smiling beside the River