Tourism & Recreation – Where Community Connects

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Leisure is recreation.  Leisure is tourism.  Tourism development affects resident recreation, which impacts tourism development.  The amenities that residents enjoy are often the same as what attracts tourists to a community and as a Sociable Scientist, I thrive working on projects that focus on understanding, developing, and enhancing quality of life through community leisure assets.

Time spent as a Sociable Scientist over the past year have included (but not been limited to):

  •  research and facilitation with Vital Signs  in my hometown of Campbell River (community/recreation/resident),
  • leading Visitor Experience Survey projects  in Campbell River, Vancouver Island North, and Nanaimo (community/tourism/resident),
  • teaching leadership to first year students of tourism and hospitality  at North Island College (community/resident/tourism),
  • leading strategic planning and business development plans for Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society (community/recreation/resident/tourism),
  • leading and facilitating strategic planning for Sayward Futures Society (community/tourism/recreation/resident),
  • leading a tourism stakeholder survey for Campbell River (community/resident/tourism),
  • and leading and being part of numerous volunteer initiatives (community/resident/tourism/recreation) where I live.

Each and everyone of us experiences leisure (to some degree), yet I chat with people who had no idea that leisure was even a field of study or career path.  On the other end of the spectrum is the World Leisure Organization (of which I am a member), which is a ‘worldwide, non-governmental association dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure to serve as a force for human growth, development, and well being’ – there is so much variation in how we as a society learn about, and are aware of, one another’s vocations.  I love that mine is leisure and that I get to promote and advocate for accessible and affordable leisure as a way to enhance quality of life.

I’m always interested to talk with others about leisure – recreation, tourism, community (and I haven’t even connected it to health, but that’s a whole other topic, and food and nutrition!  The list goes on…) – so please feel free to connect with me and with one another.  #whatsyourleisure #IlovewhereIlive