Coworking in Campbell River

Campbell River Coworking

Campbell River Coworking


The Sociable Scientists have moved into a new office space at Campbell River Coworking!

It’s pretty great that now I’m in a (potentially) collaborative work environment every time I’m at my desk.  As a sociable scientist, I like being sociable (obviously), and in the context of a number of the projects that I’m part, it’s important to be where people are and meet them in spaces that are inviting and accessible.  Much like a focus group or strategic planning session, all of the people in this shared space have creative and valuable ideas to contribute; we all have ideas; we all have unique skill sets.  I sit across from a software developer and beside an engineer; there is an interior designer, a business analyst, a student completing a Master’s degree, and a number of others who I have not yet met.  Our collective capacity is big.  And while today we are all working on separate projects, yesterday, a few of us were brainstorming as to how we can facilitate shared learning amongst those of us who are part of the space.  I’m pretty excited about it all!

If you’re in the neighbourhood (yes, we are next door to Java Shack!), please feel welcome to stop in.

And happy spring!