Actively Engaging in Our Communities

Give it a try

Our communities are socially-charged places that pulsate with events, happenings, activities, fundraisers, gatherings, public presentations, musical performances, sporting matches, and a whole host of other options for consumption of our leisure time.  Actively engaging in our communities through our leisure choices allows us to socially connect with and learn more about the people and organizations with whom we share physical space.

What are the last five leisure pursuits that you engaged in in your community?  Take some time to think about each of those pursuits; detail out one and how it was that it came to be.  Think about the people involved, the time, energy and resources required to host an event or activity, and how it is that that activity came to be.  

When an individual or organization hosts an event or activity and invites others to participate, they want us to show up.  We need to show up for things that matter to us.  Healthy, diverse, liveable communities require that we, as individuals and families and organizations and businesses need to show up, and we need to engage.  If we do not actively participate in initiatives that enhance quality of life and promote social sustainability, how can we expect those attributes to thrive within our communities?    

The ways in which we can actively engage are diverse: we can donate or volunteer resources (time, money, and/or effort); we can pay to participate; we can share the message about an organization (or activity or event or initiative) through our social and professional connections; we can show up; and we can be part of what we want to see more of in our communities.  Our diversities can be celebrated through leisure.  There is a place within our communities for each of us.  As individuals, we need to actively engage in what is fulfilling for us and for me, as a sociable scientist, I need to continue to foster social connectivity through leisure.  

I will continue to explore the role of  active engagement in community through my blog posts.  I’m always happy to chat with people about the topics I present (and all things related to leisure and community), so feel free to connect with me via email or on LinkedIn.  Happy day!