Making and keeping healthy resolutions

I can & I will

There is plenty of advice on how to make new year’s resolutions that will last all year – mine comes from personal and professional experience and taking the most relevant tips from a few of my favourite sources of inspiration  (ParticipactionTim Ferriss, and MindTools).

This year, I’m making monthly resolutions – much more realistic for me to plan for and complete.  Each month, I will introduce or take away a food/activity/habit/beverage.  January was no alcohol.  February is walking outside for at least 20 minutes each day, free from devices.  I’m thinking another month will be no television, one will be no processed sugar, maybe a month eating gluten free.  Being in bed every weeknight by 10:30pm, holding a one-minute plank 5 days a week, and writing (and mailing) personal notes to 5 people are ideas for what I will (re)introduce each month into my life. My pattern will be ‘no’ one month, then ‘yes’ the next.  It’s important for me to feel balanced.  Each of these resolutions will be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive (SMART).  I’m creating space to be more aware of my habits and to make changes in my behaviour so I can be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I encourage all of you to consider making monthly resolutions. And you can start now. (February is a short month, so if you’re intimidated to start, this is the best month to ease into it!)  Two keys to keeping my resolutions are writing them down and sharing my resolutions with my friends and family – it takes me from concept to commitment, and I need that for personal accountability.  If you want to chat about monthly resolutions and/or SMART goal setting, feel free to connect with me.