Leisure Choices of A Sociable Scientist – How I Contribute to my Community Beyond Work Young Professionals of Campbell River (YPCR)



When I moved to Campbell River in 2013, I wanted to get involved immediately in my new community and get to know how and where I could get to know motivated and dynamic thinkers (and hopefully make friends!).  Enter the Young Professionals of Campbell River and their organizational philosophy:




Community involvement? Yes!  There is a plethora of initiatives and activities in and around Campbell River that contribute to the vibrancy of where I live and I want to be holistically involved in my community.

Social interaction? I’m a Sociable Scientist and quite friendly, so yes to social interaction too!

Professional development? Lifelong learning is a part of who I am and there seems to be no end to opportunities for professional development.  Yes to professional development.  

Business networking? Local businesses cooperating and supporting one another leads to a thriving culture of success, further enhancing the non-business projects and events happening in our community.  Many relationships formed through YPCR have directly benefited my business and those of my fellow members.  


These are the four pillars of the Young Professionals of Campbell River, and I am now president of this creative and motivated organization of people.  As president, I get to lead a board of nine driven individuals, who continually give back to their local community and find ways to engage our membership (of 70ish people) in community involvement, social interaction, professional development, and business networking.  


In the past 16 months, we have hosted or participated in:

  • yoga at Flow Yoga;
  • dinner with our mayor, Andy Adams;
  • lunch & learns with Deanna Collins & Katie Cronin (real estate and mortgages), City of Campbell River Planning Staff (municipal planning), Stewart Carstairs (estate planning and wills), Tremain Media (digital marketing), Tom Behr (Habitat for Humanity) and Matthew Fox (cloud computing; local trail networks);
  • sip & share with Amber Zirnheldt (municipal planning);
  • a cycling tour with Island Joy Rides;
  • bartending for Altrusa Society of Campbell River Fashion Fundraiser and Campbell River Firefighters Christmas party;
  • themed (Christmas sweaters, spicy Valentine) and unthemed lunch socials;
  • Heart & Stroke Big Bike;
  • wine (40 Knots) & cheese (Natural Pastures) networking evening at ReStore;
  • board strategic planning;
  • multi-Young Professionals strategic planning and board development;
  • birthday parties (for YPCR’s birthday);
  • monthly Coffee Talk (pronounced Cawfee Tawk);
  • an All-Candidates Election Forum for the 2017 provincial election;
  • and our annual YPCR gala, which has generated $2500 in donations each to KidStart, Campbell River Bike Park Society, and Habitat for Humanity.  


I’m grateful for the friendships and professional relationships I have developed in the past four years through YPCR.  I encourage anyone (under the age of 45) in Campbell River to reach out to me or any of our board members to learn more about the organization.  I am a firm believer in actively engaging in community to help drive and shape positive development and being a member of YPCR has strengthened my voice and my understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities in the community I call home.  

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