Not so focussed

I’m stuck. 

My list of things to do is long: projects to complete, data to analyze, emails to compose and send, marketing decisions to make, Spanish to learn, course material to prep, life in general to organize…yet here I sit, not doing any of those things.  Sharing more on my blog is also on the list and I know intellectually that taking one step is necessary to get somewhere, so my step right now is to record my thoughts.  Spending less time absently looking around on the Internet is also on my theoretical list, so my wifi is turned off.  I was plenty productive before I had access to the Internet all the time, so I know I’m capable of getting things done without checking my email every few minutes, or logging onto one of the social media platforms that I use to learn about what my friends and colleagues are up to.  From what I’ve read about productivity, checking one’s email all the time is disruptive to thought flow and concentration so this break from virtual connectivity is good for me.  Certainly when I’m analyzing data, I turn off all disruptions, turn on one of my many classical music playlists, and stay absorbed in the process.  Just typing that sentence made me pause, as I know how much I enjoy that process when I am in it. 

And now I think I am ready to get back to other tasks that need to be done.  Thank you for reading:)