Guest editor of the CV Collective!

CV Collective - The Reflection Issue - Volume 8, Fall 2016

CV Collective – The Reflection Issue – Volume 8, Fall 2016

When I first saw The Reflection Issue of the CV Collective in hard copy, I was thrilled and a tad bit nervous.  As guest editor for the this fall 2016 issue, I worked with the CVC team and 20 writers to help produce a magazine that reflects and embodies the spirit of the Collective, which is to Create, Play, and Explore.  Each step of the editorial experience allowed me greater insight into how vibrant and diverse our Island community is, and how, when given the space and opportunity, we sometimes surprise ourselves with what we can do and be.


A number of this issue’s authors were new to writing for a magazine audience, yet they embraced the challenge, exposed vulnerabilities, and met (and exceeded) my expectations.  Each writer (both the new and the experienced) taught me something about his/her passion, and about how to express oneself through words and language.  I know that hours were spent researching, crafting, and editing the stories within this issue, and I feel honoured to be trusted with guiding and supporting each of the writers through his or her individual processes.  When I finally met the writers face to face at the launch party, I felt instantly connected and again appreciative of being a part of this process.


I cannot say enough about the CVC team and what they are doing to enhance and promote community.  Aptly named as a collective, founders Jenn & Ian along with their creative team, lead an extremely dynamic organization of print, online, and storefront activities.  Recognizing a need for showcasing the abundance of talent within the Comox Valley (and across Vancouver Island), the CV Collective is filling a gap that many others may not have even noticed needed to be filled. Jenn and Ian (who I’ve worked most closely with) work in an open and collaborative way which serves to amplify the collective efforts of all who are involved in their projects.


Being a researcher and facilitator of leisure and its impact on quality of life and social sustainability within communities gives me the opportunity to interact and engage with fascinating, meaningful, and motivating people and organizations.  The CV Collective is a prime example of an organization that seeks to enhance and promote positive social interactions and foster sustainability through innovation and creativity.  If you are a reader, an artist, a creative thinker, a change maker, or generally interested in creating, playing, and exploring on Vancouver Island, I highly recommend connecting with the CVC.  I am grateful that I get to be a part of the collective, and thank all of the people who helped make my experience as guest editor a success.


A few more notes:

While my experience focused on the writers, artists of many other disciplines are also given a space within the CVC to share their talents and their messages.

I wrote an article in Volume 7, entitled Local Tourism’s Lurewhich I was stoked to do!  Love being able to share some of my passion for #localtourism with the CVC audience.