A recent award nomination

Laurel in the Bastion

The Sociable Scientists was recently nominated for two Business Awards of Distinction from Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce.  I am pleased to receive the nominations, and am now tasked with reflecting on and writing about what makes The Sociable Scientists uniquely qualified for the Social Enterprise and Community Spirit awards.   The Chamber asks some great questions, and while I craft my answers, I am getting the opportunity to read articles, stories, and responses that I have recently written for other audiences.  Some of the best things about writing my thoughts down is that I capture a moment, a feeling, a perspective, and/or an experience.


So today, I find myself reading through answers I gave when nominated for a Future 15 Award back in February.  I didn’t win, but I believe the saying is ‘it’s an honour just to be nominated’, and it was.  Someone out there thinks I’m part of the future, so thank you to whoever did nominate me.  Here are a few of the questions and my answers:


Leadership and Your Choice – Provide an example illustrating how you helped or

responded to a local, national or worldwide issue.

I see apathy as a local, national, and worldwide issue. In my work and social life, I do

my best to be an active participant and a positive contributor. I smile when I ride my bike

so others see how enjoyable it can be; I invite people to join my circle; I share good

news stories; I show up when I can; I volunteer; I vote; I encourage others to shine; I

spend locally; I take notice; I am a lifelong learner; I care; and I am grateful.


Is your workplace or any other CR workplace demonstrating a commitment to the

development of young professionals?

I work for myself, and take advantage of the flexibility of my work schedule as often as

possible. Extra water flowing over Elk Falls? I was there soaking up the beauty of our

natural amenities and sharing my excitement with the news cameras. Sunshiny

Thursday afternoon? Let’s take this work meeting to the Seawalk where we can walk

and talk and be inspired by all that this island life offers. I encourage my work

colleagues and my students (I teach part time at NIC) to take the time to explore and

appreciate where we live. I live my discipline and I promote healthy leisure choices to

my professional and personal networks.


What is your future vision for Campbell River with respect to economic prosperity,

quality of life and social and environmental health?

My future vision for Campbell River is rooted in the joy and appreciation I have for the

people, places, and opportunities that I experience today. Celebrating our individual and

shared successes by continuing to give back to our local businesses, governments, and

not-for- profits allows our community to prosper economically and socially. We all have a

role to play: leaders being inclusive – going to where people are, and inviting people in

to join; residents being active participants in community events – showing up, taking

part, connecting with known and new neighbours, frequenting the businesses that

sponsor local organizations; and professionals being fair, honest, and generous in their

disciplines – creating and contributing to working environments that encourage health

and prosperity in and out of the workplace, encouraging volunteerism, and

demonstrating best practices. I see our entire community thriving when we all

contribute, in whatever way we can, to a healthy and diverse ecosystem.


The Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Awards of Distinction take place at the Tidemark Theatre on October 1st – I’ll let you know how the evening goes.  And now, back to completing my application package…


Sending positive thoughts to all who choose to read this!