Training for the Frogger 15

Training for the Frogger 15

2015 Frogger finish 2015 Frogger - intense

Week 23 – September 22, 2015

We did it!! And why it matters that we did!!

Hi #Frogger15 friends and supporters!

We did it!!! I did it!!! I was so excited and a bit anxious for Saturday morning’s Frogger 15. This was my first race since elementary school (25 years ago) so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Relying on advice and words of encouragement from my amazing support network, and a quick visit to Steve at Outdoor Addictions on Friday, I set off from the Frogger 15 start line strong and steady – aka my own pace. Along the route I passed friendly volunteers cheering the runners on, and keeping us safe as we crossed intersections and rounded corners. I ran the whole 15km (!!!!) with only two quick stops for a few swallows of water at the relay transition. As I ran toward the finish line at Spirit Square, I saw a community of race participants, volunteers, and supporters smiling, clapping, and congratulating me (and every other runner) on my accomplishment. It was such a great feeling!!! People are so nice!! I’m so fortunate to be a part of the Greenways community.

I am personally thankful to Steve at Outdoor Addictions for his training and support, and highly recommend connecting with him if you are interested in taking your running to another level (or in my case, from no level to a level). Also a big thanks to my Young Professionals of Campbell River friends Amanda, Deanna, and Karen, who supported Greenways and me by participating in the Frogger as a relay team.

My friends and family have been so kind and encouraging on my path to participate in this race and I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.

And soooo many thanks to Greenways Land Trust, and the Frogger organizing committee for doing what you do – your dedication to the health of our community through the work that you do benefit each and every resident of Campbell River, and I appreciate you.  The Frogger 15 is a great example of a community development initiative – a local not-for-profit organization partnering with the City of Campbell River, a number of private businesses, and a plethora of community volunteers to support and enhance positive recreation opportunities for residents and visitors in Campbell River.

Our event sponsors were:

The City of Campbell River; River Runners, Outdoor Addictions; 2DayFM; Marine Harvest, and West Coast Helicopters.

Our gold sponsors were:

Trevor Despins & Investors Group; Tim Hortons; Spinners Sports; and Swicked Cycles.

Our silver sponsors were:

Campbell River Whale Watching; Ocean Mountain Yoga; Strathcona Gardens; La Tee Da Lingerie; Shoppers Drug Mart, and the Sportsplex.

Our bronze sponsors were:

On the Rocks Climbing Gym; VI Fitness for Women, Quality Foods; Healthyway Natural Foods; Spokes Bike Shop; Save On Foods; Thrifty Foods; and Discovery Foods.

Please help us to thank our sponsors by supporting their businesses and letting them know you appreciate their support of Greenways Land Trust.  I strongly encourage you to be an active participant in your own community, and it gives me great joy to see the people of Campbell River enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Greenways Land Trust can always use more support from the community as their work complements the principals of sustainable leisure development in our region, and they offer many ways to contribute to their mission – let them know if you would like to be involved. And if you would like to connect with me about anything I’ve written in my blog, please doJ!

Happy #running! See you on the #trails!


Week 22 – September 15, 2015

Frogger w YPCR

Amanda, Deanna, me, Karen – #YPCR friends

Reasons to be involved

Hi #Frogger15 friends and supporters!

Two more training runs this week and then it is go time for the Frogger 15! Today, I’m sharing five reasons I am involved in the Frogger; this list is not exhaustive, but it does allow me to reflect on some of my personal motivations for participating in this particular leisure event. Given that sustainable leisure, recreation, and tourism are my professional focus; I feel it is important to give oneself time and space to think about leisure choices. I encourage you to do the sameJ

Five reasons I am involved in the Frogger 15:

  1. I love the trails, forests, greenspaces, and natural spaces in and around Campbell River – Greenways Land Trust’s mission is to restore, sustain and protect natural areas and critical habitats, particularly ecological and recreational greenways, for the benefit of our community – the more I can support Greenways, the more my community benefits.
  1. The challenge of running 15km on September 19th, 2015 – setting a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goal has kept me focussed (for the most part) and I’m going to do it! And now I have a new activity that will help keep me healthier and fitter as I continue to run.
  1. Increasing the awareness and sharing the messages of Greenways Land Trust and the Frogger 15 – this organization is made up of many kind, generous, hard-working people, and like many of our community not-for-profit organizations, their resources are quite limited.  And getting the Greenways Loop into its next phase of completion would be amazing!
  1. Sustainable leisure, recreation, and tourism are at the heart of what I do – the Frogger 15 is a community-building event that is accessible to people of all ages, interests, and abilities.  From running as a relay team or an individual to sponsoring the event through monetary or prize donations to volunteering on the day of the event to children running in the tadpole trot, the Frogger 15 is for our entire community.
  1. I love where I live – we can all participate in some way to the health and prosperity of our community – being involved in the Frogger 15 is one of the ways I am actively participating in mine.

I am both excited and nervous for running 15km in the Frogger 15!  I am so thankful for the training and guidance of Steve at Outdoor Addictions over the past four months so I will do my best to do him and all of my amazingly supportive friends, family, and colleagues proud on September 19th.

Happy running! #Frogger15


Week 21 – September 8, 2015

Hi Frogger friends and supporters!

I love summer – the heat of the sunshine, long hours of daylight, and the intangible sense of freedom the season brings – so while it makes me a bit sad to face cooler mornings and earlier sunsets, I can’t help feeling like the forest and the critters it supports are pretty happy to be soaking up the rain, rejuvenating the soil, and filling up the creeks and streams as the summer changes to autumn.

I spent the last 2 weeks of August up in Quatsino sound (on the north end of the island) and it rained A LOT. Those creeks and streams filling up that I was seeing up there had much more flow than what I’ve seen since I returned home to Campbell River and have resumed my running in the Beaver Lodge Lands. I can tell there’s been some precipitation but I’m quite surprised (and concerned) with how little water there is.

Thankfully, we have Greenways Land Trust, whose mission is to restore, sustain and protect natural areas and critical habitats, particularly ecological and recreational greenways, for the benefit of our community. Greenways’ programs include, but are not limited to, a stewardship resource centre, community outreach (Adopt a Trail, streamkeepers, workshops, community gardens, Urban Forest Management Plan, Greenways Loop, public events), and natural area conservation. If you, your loved ones, your colleagues, and your friends enjoy the greenspaces in Campbell River, Greenways Land Trust has likely played a (sometimes minor, sometimes major) role in restoring, sustaining, and protecting those spaces.

The Frogger 15 is a great way for our community to contribute back to Greenways Land Trust. There is still plenty of time to register as a solo or relay team, or to participate as a volunteer on the day of. We’re excited to share the event with everyone who joins us! See you on the trails this week and at the run on Saturday, September 19th at 9am at Spirit Square!!

Happy #runningJ


Week 20 – September 1, 2015Training for the Frogger

It’s Frogger Month!!!!!!

September 1st eh? It is officially #Frogger15 month! Let’s make this year’s Frogger 15 the biggest yet – thanks to each and every person who has already signed up. If you’re still debating whether or not to participate, here’s my plea: please join Greenways Land Trust and the community of Campbell River for the 2015 Frogger 15 on Saturday, September 19thJ!

As you know (if you’ve been reading my blog), I’ve been following a training schedule designed by Steve at Outdoor Addictions. Steve’s prescribed runs have been so helpful in keeping me on track so here are a few ideas if you want to mix up your own training: 

1 hour.

Warm up then take heart rate up to zones 3-4 on hilly course. A few seconds with heart rate in zone 5 is OK. Don’t force heart rate up–allow it to rise with hills.

45 minutes

Warm up well for about 15 minutes then 4 x 90 seconds hard effort (recover 2 minutes) at race pace. NOT all out but out of your comfort zone…

Hopefully I will see you out on the trails in the coming weeks! And as always, if you recognize me in my Frogger15 shirt, feel free to say hi and let me know if you’re also participating (as a runner, a volunteer, or a sponsor) in the Frogger.

Happy #running!! #Frogger15


Week 19 – August 25, 2015

Running and playing and summer

Hello #frogger15 friends and supporters!

Thanks for continuing to read the blog. Week 19 of this #running training journey. I’m still not sure that I can call myself a runner, as I’ve seen some people out on the trails and they are definitely running – me I’m more of a person who can jog and who dabbles in running. I do feel quite strong when I’m actually running and I can run faster and further than I could when I started training, but for the most part, I’m joggingJ

Back to what I thought I was going to blog about today, and that is running, playing, and summertime. I’m pretty fortunate – because I study sustainable leisure, my life revolves around recreation and tourism and quality of life. So I get to play a lot. Over the past few weeks, I have run on Hornby Island (as I detailed in a previous blog); through a state park in Anacortes, Washington; in and around a golf course in Richland, Washington; around Westwood Lake in Nanaimo; through the remote village of Quatsino (on Vancouver Island North); and of course, on my home trails in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands, and Rotary Seawalk in Campbell River. I feel so blessed to live where I live, and I love and appreciate that I get to travel and play and explore in so many beautiful places close to home. I skipped one of my assigned runs (my apologies to Steve!) when we were traveling through the USA in favour of riding my bike on some amazing trails in Central and Northern Washington. Working up a sweat while on my bike still gets me more fired up than running does, but I know I am so fortunate that I get to do both. And through running and biking, and playing and exploring, I have learned about some great organizations working on preserving and conserving our natural landscapes for the enjoyment of the people and for the betterment of our society.

Next time you are in a new community (or at home), I encourage you to take a few moments to learn about who is helping you access the beauty trails, beaches, or forests where you are. And if you are in a position to do so, donate some dollars, your time, and/or a few words of appreciation to those organizations and people. Thanks to Washington State Parks, Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, Das Rad Haus, and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition in the USA for the advice, recommendations, trail maps, and/or provision of sweet trails while I was in your country,

Here in Campbell River, Greenways Land Trust facilitates a variety of programs to enhance our local greenspaces. We’d love to see you take part in the Frogger 15 on September 19th as a runner, a volunteer, and/or a community sponsor. And if this event isn’t for you, but you’re still interested in learning more about Greenways Land Trust, Cynthia and Libby from Greenways would be happy to talk with youJ

Happy #running! #Frogger15


Week 18 – August 18, 2015

I was playing and forgot to blog:)

Week 17 – August 11, 2015

Relay teams!!!

Hi #Frogger15 friends and supportersJ

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting two of our #Frogger15 relay teams!

Super Spinners – Michelle, Hailey, Samantha

The Super Spinners relay team is running in the Frogger 15 for the first time. Michelle, Hailey, and Samantha work together at Spinners Sports in Campbell River, and now they’re training together for the Frogger 15. The ladies are in it for fun and for the challenge of taking on something new. Their can-do attitude is also motivating them to participate in Muderella, which takes place in Whistler one week after the Frogger 15.

Training tip:

“Get a Karla!” The Super Spinners are taking training advice from fellow Spinners Sports employee Karla, who is running the Frogger 15 solo. Running together on Saturday mornings, The Super Spinners can be found on the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands trails and the Jubilee section of the Greenways Loop.

City Hall Froggies in Tutus – Christy, Nina, Eve

If you have seen a poster for the Frogger 15 or have been a part of the race in the past two years, you likely recognize the City Hall Froggies in Tutus relay team. Christy, Nina, and Eve enthusiastically embrace the spirit of the Frogger 15 by dressing up in bright and froggerful attire, having fun during their runs, and enjoying the pre- and post-run activities. These ladies take part in the Frogger 15 to support Greenways Land Trust and the Greenways Loop and to participate in a great community event. As runners and cyclists who use the trails in and around Campbell River, they know the importance of contributing to the organizations that protect and enhance our greenspaces. Christy, Nina, and Eve will be dressing up again this year, but they’re keeping the details to themselves until race day, September 19th.

Training tip:

“Tutus and wigs make you run faster!” “Have fun, you don’t have to be too serious about running to take part in the Frogger.”

Thanks to both teams for letting me blog about you. I am excited to run alongside all of this year’s Frogger 15 participants (not that I’ll be on pace with everyone, but I will be for at least a stride or two)! We are less than six weeks away from the event so lace up your runners and get out there! And if you know people who are thinking about participating, please encourage them – take them out for a run, share the blog, direct them to the registration page on Greenways Land Trust’s website – the more participants we have, the more fun we’ll all have on race day, and the more Greenways can do for our community. And if you want a Frogger t-shirt (they are very nice!), sign up on of before August 15th.

Happy #running! #Frogger15


Week 16 – August 4, 2015

#ExploreBC #Running #Frogger15

Hi Frogger friends and supporters!

This past weekend, I was on Hornby Island, soaking up the sunshine, listening to live music at the Hornby Island Music Festival, eating blackberries, riding my bike, standup paddleboarding, visiting with an amazing friend, and of course, training for the #Frogger15.

My Sunday run was prescribed as follows:

On soft surface preferably, trail etc. Heart rate zone 1 to 2.5. (Maximum HR zone 2.5) Check cadence several times (21+ right foot strikes in 15 seconds). 85 – 95 RPM. Relax, easy pace, check form. The goal here is to run SLOWLY without stopping for the entire duration. Enjoy the run. Walk to cool down and stretch afterwards.

I started my run in Little Tribune Bay, moved onto the multi-use trail (thanks to the Hornby Island Residents and Ratepayers Association), and then ran towards Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre and Provincial Park where I explored the beaches and amenities before looping back towards Little Trib and my beauty accommodations. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to change it up when I run, and I’m a curious kid, so running and exploring together helps keep me interested and enjoying the activity.

And because I’m a curious kid who gets to study leisure, recreation, and tourism, I started to wonder about running tourism. Sure enough, it’s a thing. If you’re interested in learning more, here are a few websites that offer running tours and/or tourism information for runners (I’m not recommending any specifically, just suggesting where to start looking):,,, This is how it starts for me, an inspiration, I start to explore a topic, next thing I know, an hour has passed and I’ve learned just enough about an idea to get my mind reeling with possibilities. If you’ve participated in a running tour, I’d love to hear about it.

And if you’re thinking about participating in the #Frogger15 in #CampbellRiver, I highly encourage it! I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and if I can’t answer it, I’ll take it to the Frogger committee and/or Greenways Land Trust and we’ll find your answer.

Thanks for reading! Happy #running!


Week 15 – July 28, 2015

Now I’ll be bold

As well as strong

And use my head alongside my heart

From ‘I will wait’ by Mumford & Sons

I love music – the lyrics, the beats, the melodies, the songs – the way music can enhance my mood, lift me up, or bring me down. I’ve been experimenting with listening to music as I run, and luckily for me, I have a song to suit any running mood I’m in. I generally listen to my music on shuffle so I never know what’s coming up, which keeps it interesting for me and is a great way to adjust my pace (a sprint to one song, slow and steady to another, singing out loud with some ladies with great voices to let the bears know I’m coming around a corner, a few booty shakes and arm raises during others). Variety is key for me in my training.

This morning’s run (as prescribed by Steve at Outdoor Addictions) was:

Warm up well for about 15 minutes then 4 x 90 seconds hard effort (recover 2 minutes) at race pace. NOT all out but out of your comfort zone…

I warmed up to Ditmas by Mumford & Sons, then Shake it Out by Florence & the Machine, then dance/ran to Southern Comfort Zone by Brad Paisley, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, and Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities. For the sprints, I knew I needed to kick it up a notch so I cued up Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback, Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica, and America’s Sweetheart by Elle King – and I ran fast!!!! I rounded out the rest of my run with I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons, San Francisco by the Mowglis, Right as Rain by Adele, Plowed by Sponge, and It’s a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt.

My pace, my distance, my route, and my music will all change for my next run. This is what’s working for me right now so phew! I’m 15 weeks into my training and have another 7 to go before the Frogger15 on Saturday, September 19th. I’m excited to see my own progress and to participate in this event with all of the Frogger 15 runners.

Happy #running! #Frogger15


Week 14 – July 21, 2015

Hi ‪#‎Frogger15‬ friends & supporters!

Feels good to be back into my training . With just less than 2 months until this year’s event, I highly encourage you to sign up (if you haven’t already) and get out ‪#‎running‬ . This morning’s run in the Beaver Lodge Lands was energizing – soaking in our fresh island air, feeling the strength of my body, marvelling at the greenery of the forest despite the lack of rainfall, and feeling blessed overall that I get to go for a run here and now.

Happy #running!


Week 13 – July 14, 2015

Inspiration Part 1


I’m ready to be inspired, she said & I said that’s not quite how it works, so instead we sat in the garden, breathing & watching the bees until she smiled quietly & said, I forget it’s that simple.

Hi #Frogger15 friends and supporters!

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post last week – my #running progress was at a standstill and I was therefore not feeling very inspired to complete my weekly post. So first off, apologies are owed to Greenways Land Trust, the Frogger 15 organizing committee, and Steve at Outdoor Addictions – it’s not fair that my lack of progress translated into less promotion of the Frogger 15; and Steve at Outdoor Addictions is doing his part to get me ready for running 15km on September 19th, but I’ve been slacking at my end. I am committed to completing the entire Frogger 15, so with my temporary blip in training behind me, I am back at it!

Before today, I mostly ran after work, midday, or later in the evening – making time to get out when I could fit it in (let’s be honest, if I have time to watch TV, I have time to run, but sometimes TV won out). I had run twice in the morning, but really do prefer to stay in bed as long as I can. That whole routine (or lack thereof) has not been conducive to sticking to a running plan, so last night, I went to bed early and set my alarm for 6:40am – determined to create a new habit of running before work three days per week. I ran through the streets in my neighbourhood with no particular course or destination, just turning corners or running straight when I felt like it. The smell of the weekend’s rainfall still lingered in the air this morning, and I could see that gardens, flowers, trees, and lawns were a bit perkier after a much-needed soak. A few other highlights on today’s run were the Laughing Willow Community Garden, a neighbourhood book exchange, the Rotary Seawalk, Transformation on the Shore carvings at Frank James Park, and a Habitat for Humanity sign promoting their next build. So much beauty when one takes the time to look. And that is one of the things I will keep in mind as I refocus my running efforts – getting to be outside, observing the beauty of my community, being an active participant in Campbell River life – the people, the environment, and spaces that make up the place I call home were the original inspirations for running the Frogger 15.

All of us on the Frogger 15 Organizing Committee and at Greenways Land Trust hope to see 2015 be our biggest and most successful Frogger 15 to date. Please join us by participating in the 15km solo, the 3-person 5km relay, the Tadpole run, as a volunteer, or as a sponsor. Invite your out-of-town running friends to come to Campbell River on September 19th, ask your co-workers to join a relay team, challenge your partner/spouse to train for this fun race, encourage your family members to participate in whatever way suits them best. Help us spread the wordJ. And if you are at all inspired by my efforts and/or would like to share your running story and own inspirations, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. Happy #running #Frogger15!


Week 11 – June 30, 2015

Week 11 – June 30, 2015

Hi ‪#‎Frogger15 friends and supporters:) I’m not one for using all capital letters very often but today is the final day for EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for this year’s #Frogger15. If you are considering running in the event, commit, and register today. The link is on or above with And if you know anyone who is even thinking about participating, please share this post and help us promote this ‪#‎community event! Thanks:) ‪#‎CampbellRiver‪#‎VancouverIsland ‪#‎running

Week 10 – June 23, 2015

The Committee

Hi #Frogger15 friends and supporters! This week, I am introducing the Frogger 15 planning committee to all of you. If you have ever planned an event, you are well aware of the time and resources it takes to see a successful event through from start to finish. Linda Nagle, Candice Melton, and Trevor Despins, with guidance from Greenways Land Trust staff Cynthia Bendickson (more on Greenways staff in a later post), have been meeting monthly and putting plans into action since late winter. From the planning committee’s efforts, a large team of volunteers and supporters also donate time and resources to the Frogger 15 to make this a true community initiative.

Meet the team!

Linda Nagle

Program Coordinator, City of Campbell River, Parks, Recreation & Culture

Where Linda runs: Of course I love Beaver Lodge for easy access to the trails.  I also like the Woods Creek area and if I am looking for a long run – Snowden is the place to be.


Candice Melton

I started running 4 years ago and have become thoroughly addicted to the sport. It keeps you fit, clears your mind and you always meet great people and make new friends. One of my favourite spots to run is in the Beaver Lodge Lands simply because it is around the corner from my house! You don’t have to be an athlete to run-anyone can do it!  You just start out with a slow run and then a walk and then a run.  TRY IT!

I am involved with Frogger because I would really like to see the 25 K loop around Campbell River completed. What a great addition to our community!


Trevor Despins

I am involved in the Frogger 15 because I enjoy Beaver Lodge and think the Greenways Loop is going to be a terrific addition to our network of running and biking trails and want to do all I can to support and promote that initiative.

I enjoy running and biking in the Beaver Lodge Lands…I am lucky to live close enough that I can run from my house.


Thank you to Greenways Land Trust and the Frogger 15 planning committee for making this event happen and for caring about the amazing community that is #CampbellRiver. Happy #running! See you on the trails! #Frogger15



Week 9 – June 16 2015

Shaw TV video posted.   Fiona and Kelly from Shaw Communications came up to Campbell River to learn all about my running, the Frogger 15, Greenways Land Trust, and the Greenways Loop.


Week 8 – June 9, 2015

The Greenways Loop

Hi #Frogger15 friends and followers!

I hope and trust you are training for the Frogger 15. This week, I’ll be sharing a bit more information on why this fundraiser is so important for residents and visitors of Campbell River, the region, and Vancouver Island. Raising dollars and awareness about Greenways Land Trust, their initiatives and programs, and the Greenways Loop are some of the reasons for hosting the Frogger 15. Below is a description of the Greenways Loop in Campbell River. I recommend taking a stroll, run, or ride along it. If you’re looking for some solo time, the Beaver Lodge Lands, ERT, and Jubilee sections can be quite peaceful; the Seawalk offers spectacular views of Discovery Passage and more of an opportunity to see and interact with residents and visitors; and throughout the Loop, you can find informational signage about the route, the history of the region, and points of interest.

About the Greenways Loop:

The Greenways Loop is a 25km recreational trail around the city of Campbell River. It provides an alternative and accessible transportation route around the perimeter of Campbell River that promotes active lifestyles and improves the overall social health of the community.Planning of the loop began in 1997, with the adoption of the City of Campbell River Official Community Plan. In 2009, Greenways Land Trust was appointed project manager for the southern portion of the loop; the Jubilee Connector.

The Jubilee Connector is 2.5km trail along Jubilee Parkway and Highway 19A that links pedestrians into the Greenways Loop and is stage one of completing the loop. Construction began in 2010, completed in Winter 2010 and officially opened and given back to the city in Spring 2011. The building of this trail included restoration through Willow Creek Park, to reduce the human impact on the waterway and making it a fish-friendly trail.

This stage connects South Dogwood Street to the Campbell River welcome sign, linking new communities along Jubilee Parkway. The second stage is designed and waiting for funding. It will continue from the welcome sign to the current end of the Rotary Seawalk at Maryland Drive. This stage will complete the loop and allow access from all neighbourhoods in Campbell River.


I consider myself blessed to live in this region – so many opportunities to get out and enjoy our natural amenities. If you see me out on the trails or on the Greenways Loop in my orange Frogger 15 shirt, remember to smile, say hello, and/or chat with me about anything I’m blogging about.

Happy #running! #Frogger 15


Week 7 – June 2, 2015

The Plan

Greetings #Frogger15 friends and followers! It has been an exciting week training for the Frogger 15 as I am now officially on a running plan thanks to Steve at Outdoor Addictions.

When I sat down to chat with Steve about creating a training plan for the Frogger 15, I felt confident and excited – I have been running two to three times per week for six weeks, so I was fairly certain I was in a good position to take up a more structured plan. Remember when I said running is fun and challenging? Both of those descriptors have been kicked up a few notches now that I have started on the plan Steve has set up for me. For each run, Steve gives me a timeline, details on type of route, and pace (examples below). Once I complete the run, I fill in my post-activity comments so he can see how I’m doing. This is all done on Training Peaks, so I have access to my plan wherever I have access to the Internet (which seems to be most places for me, but that’s another topic altogether), so no excuses about not knowing the details of my runs.

Here is a sample of what Steve has designed for me:

45 minutes – Easy Endurance Run

On soft surface preferably, trail etc. Heart rate zone 1 to 2 (Maximum HR zone 2.5) Check cadence several times (21+ right foot strikes in 15 seconds). 85–95 RPM. Relax, easy pace, check form. The goal here is to run SLOWLY without stopping for the entire duration. Enjoy the run. Walk to cool down and stretch afterwards.

45 minutes – Fartlek, 5km pace

BT: Fartlek. Warm up well. On rolling course run 1-2 minute pick-ups at a faster than normal pace as you feel like it. No structure or form, random. Cool down and stretch

1 hour – Aerobic run

Run with heart rate in zone 1 – 2 on a flat, soft surface. VERY easy. Embarrassingly slow. Best alone. Walk hills if necessary to keep heart rate low. Remember the talk test – If you can’t carry on a conversation with yourself then you’re going too fast. Ideal is zone 1 to zone 2.5. Stay out of zone 3. This is termed Long, SLOW distance. Remember your posture – upright, looking ahead, elbows in, relax and don’t squeeze your little birdies. Cadence about 90 RPM. Cool down and stretch afterwards.

I did the one hour run yesterday in the trails of the Beaver Lodge Lands and it was quite fun! And challenging! I am grateful for Steve’s coaching as I am already beginning to feel stronger and am running for more time than I had been on my own.

Thanks Outdoor Addictions! And happy #running to all! #Frogger15J



Week 6 – May 26, 2015

The one-month check in

Thank you to each and every one of you who have offered words of support as I learn to run for my continued health and for Greenways Land Trust and their Frogger 15! The likes and shares thru social and print media are helping to increase awareness about the organization and the event, so thank you and please keep it up!

My first month of running has been fun and challenging (like a lot of the good things in my life, so I’m thinking I’m going to stick with it). Fun because:

  • I like being outside;
  • Being healthy feels good;
  • I like my new shoes;
  • I like sharing my story;
  • I like hearing from friends and strangers about their own running stories;
  • I like the camaraderie I feel when I see other runners (not sure if they necessarily feel that with me);
  • I see things I may not otherwise see (on the trails, in my neighbourhood);
  • The more I run, the more I’m able to keep up with my running friends and other activities which require me to run;
  • It’s a good life skill to have (which I may need to put into action if something not as fun happens like running uphill from a Tsunami; I do live on an island on the West Coast).

And challenging in that:

  • I love riding my bike, but I don’t quite love running yet – don’t get me wrong, I’m committed, and I think (for all of the reasons listed above on why it’s fun) I’ll get to the point where I enjoy running as much as I enjoy riding my bike, but the bar is pretty high right now;
  • It is sometimes difficult to fit into my day – I can use my bike to get to places, but have yet to run to get somewhere as I tend to get sweaty and am not interested in packing my work things with me on a run (as I type this I can see and hear that it sounds like an excuse and am tempted to delete this section, but I won’t);
  • I have to plan what I’m going to eat if I know I’m going to be running later that day. Overall, I’m a healthy eater, but a piece of decadent chocolate cake at lunch and a mid-afternoon run did not complement one another, so lesson learned on that day;
  • This is where a running plan will fit in. I did want my first month to just be about getting out there and running and that’s what I did. Now I need some structure to ensure that on Saturday, September 19th, 2015, I can run the entire 15km of the Frogger 15.

Fun and challenging sums up my first month of running. I seem to thrive on both so I am stoked that running the Frogger 15 is my goal. I encourage anyone who is even thinking about it to commit by registering 2015 Frogger 15 registration as an individual or as a three-person relay team. Early bird rates are in effect until June 30th.

And please feel free to connect with me if you want to chat about #running, the #Frogger15, or my blog.

Happy #running!


Week 5 – May 19, 2015

Hi #Frogger15 friends and followers! Last week, Greenways Land Trust Volunteer Coordinator, Libby King and I ran some of the Frogger 15 route in the Beaver Lodge Lands. The map below outlines the entire route:

As you can see, the race starts at Spirit Square in downtown Campbell River, then the route is along a few city streets and over to the bottom of the ERT (Elk River Timber) trail where runners steadily climb uphill and across Evergreen Rd to a more level grade. For our relay teams, your second runner will be waiting in the transition area between Evergreen and Trask Rd, and the race continues on into the Beaver Lodge Lands on the Rail Trail. The mid-point turnaround brings runners back down the same route with the third relay runner waiting in the same location as the transition from first to second runner. Then down the ERT, onto the streets of downtown Campbell River, and finishing up in Spirit Square! The uphill, trail, road, and downhill keep it interesting for the 15km runners, and allows the relay teams to position each runner according to his/her strengths.

There will be plenty of volunteers along the way to help keep runners on the right track, and to give out water at the relay transition area (more on Frogger 15 volunteers in another post). I encourage you to check out the route, and if you have a Frogger 15 shirt from 2013 or 2014, wear it on your run to help us spread the word. And if you see me out running in my orange 2014 Frogger 15 shirt, feel free to wave, smile, say hello, or stop me to chat!

Happy #running! #Frogger15


Week 4 – May 12, 2015

This week, we’re sharing some photos from the 2014 Frogger 15. We are thankful for the diversity of runners who participate, and encourage all of you to run with us again this year. As I am learning, running can be quite challenging; I am nowhere near running 15km so I have a newfound appreciation for the level of commitment completing the Frogger 15 takes. And if 15km is not for you, gather your friends and/or colleagues together to run as a 3-person relay team.

In the coming weeks, past participants will be taking selfies while out running in Campbell River, then sharing them on social media. Please help us by liking and sharing these selfies, and if you see a runner wearing a bright orange 2014 Frogger 15 shirt out on the trails, give him or her a smile, a wave, and a few words of encouragement.

Happy #running! #Frogger15


Week 3 – May 5, 2015

I’m in the local newspaper!!!

Week 2 – April 28, 2015

Registering and getting started!

My registration is complete for the Frogger 15. Check out for all the details and to register as a solo or relay team. Early bird rates are on until June 30th so I encourage you to register early and start running!

I did my first run this weekend – I ran for 20 minutes and it was good! I’m on my wayJ. On some of the days that I don’t run, I’ll read about running (I just have to remember to run more than I read), so today, in the name of research, I spent some time on Pinterest looking for stories, articles, and tips for getting started. I’m know there are countless resources for runners (feel free to share them here in the comments), so here are a few that I found interesting, motivating, and or inspiring:

Happy #running!


Week 1 – April 21, 2015

The 5km mark

Hi Frogger15 friends! My name is Laurel Sliskovic and this year, I am #running the #Frogger15. Now that I’ve put it out there, I’m really going to do it. I’m new to running – I’m an active person; I like walking, and I love riding my bike, but running has never been my thing. But I am a supporter of Greenways Land Trust and the work that they do throughout #CampbellRiver to enhance natural spaces for people and wildlife in and around the community, so participating in the Frogger15 is a way for me to get involved in a new activity and contribute to the efforts of Greenways Land Trust.


First things first, I wanted to purchase a pair of good running shoes. Steve @Outdoor Addictions in Campbell River was extremely helpful in fitting me with the right pair of shoes. He asked me lots of questions, I asked him a lot of questions, I tried on three different pairs, ran around the store a few times, then settled on these beauties.

My go fast shoes

New runners!


The Frogger15 takes place on Saturday, September 19th so I have five months to go from not running at all to running 15kim. Over these next five months, I’ll be sharing my progress, details about the Frogger15, tips and inspirations for running, information about Greenways Land Trust, and profiling some of the people involved in this organization. We would like to see this year’s Frogger15 our most well attended and supported Frogger15 yet! If you’re not interested in running 15km on your own, consider joining as a three-person relay team so you can share the experience with your friends.