A Renewed sense of sustainability

Digging and research are somewhat similar...

Digging and research are somewhat similar…

I’ve been reflecting a lot over the past month on what The Sociable Scientists Inc. is and what providing research and facilitation for sustainable communities means to me and to the island I get to call home (Vancouver Island – can you just see me beaming and jumping like I am in the logo?).  Blogging seems to be a great place for me to share my experiences and knowledge in a meaningful way, beyond the research projects and facilitation we do with organizations around the island.


When Erin and I first co-founded the company, we brainsuperstormed taglines such as fostering and creating personal and community sustainability through innovative leisure research, creating and fostering innovation through leisure research, and enhancing sustainability and quality of life through innovative leisure research.  And while all of those concepts are still at the core of The Sociable Scientists Inc., the focus now includes facilitation.  The Sociable Scientists are looking for partners and opportunities to promote the value of leisure and its link to sustainability and quality of life.  We want to support organizations and communities on the island that are curious and/or engaged in sustainability and leisure.  And believe me, leisure impacts our island communities much more than we sometimes give it credit for.

Inspire one another to enjoy a health quality of life.

Inspire one another to enjoy a health quality of life.

I have a few ideas in the works for increasing collaboration and knowledge mobilization between The Sociable Scientists and the people and organizations we get to work with.  I’m not ready to put it out there just yet, but I am eager to get the idea to that stage.  And if you have an idea or an interest in something that gets shared in the Sociable Thoughts blog – send me a note; connect.


I’ve decided to stop at the word connect.  And I will start with that word on my next post.