How to choose your leisure

How do you choose your leisure?

It’s a fairly simple question, yet it is one that I have rarely been asked and one that, until studying leisure in my graduate degree, I rarely thought to ask others.  Now, questions around leisure swirl around in my mind quite often.  As a Sociable Scientist, I’m interested in learning all I can about leisure within people’s lives and finding ways to help individuals and communities understand the role that leisure plays in how we are living.  As discussed in a previous blog, leisure can be defined as time, activity, or a state of mind.  These definitions are not mutually exclusive; to me they are intrinsically linked – leisure time and activities will overlap; and a leisurely state of mind influences leisure activities.


Please keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to the question.  And like a lot of questions, ‘how do you choose your leisure?’ can lead to more questions than answers.

Do your leisure choices affect others?  How?

Do your leisure choices fulfill a social need?

Do your leisure choices fulfill a physical need?

How do your leisure choices affect your health?

Who do you participate in leisure with?

Have you developed any new relationships through your leisure?

Has your leisure affected your personal relationships?  In what way?

What is one of your fondest leisure memories from the past year?  As a child?

Where do you learn about leisure opportunities in your community?


I am a naturally curious person and leisure is my passion, so I truly do want to learn the answers to these questions from as many people as possible.  As a Sociable Scientist, I am creating a project to do just that, so keep reading our blog posts for more information, and feel free to contact me if you want to start sharing your answers or have any questions of your own for me.


The following thoughts on a fridge magnet from Amy Rubin sum me up pretty well:

She figured if she could just keep her sense of wonder, everything else would automatically fall into place.

Sociably and leisurely,