Keys to Success: Implementing CSR

Implementing corporate social responsibility can be done within human resources, business development, Take Actionsustainability, or public relations departments. Alternatively, it can also be managed by a firm such as The Sociable Scientists Inc.

The ultimate key to successful CSR is to just do it! Start where you are with what your organization is already doing. Documenting what you’ve done will help you plan where you want to go. Set goals with timelines to work towards. Whether it’s making changes to your supply chain or organizing a shoreline clean-up, start planning activities and learn from your experiences.

Some keys for a successful plan:

  • Your CSR plan is aligned with your organization’s values and with:
    • Other businesses including your competitors, mentors, peers
    • Your consumers
  • Your CSR plan supports your organization’s mission and vision and is integrated within your business model
  • Measure your performance
  • Sound leadership
    • Lead within, locally, and globally
    • Support the champions within your organization and empower them to further the action plan
  • Active engagement
    • Engage employees in process of creating, implementing, and managing CSR policy
    • Make it a natural process integrated in to daily tasks
    • An engagement plan will set the goals and objectives, budget, short-term and long-term needs, prioritize projects
  • Promote trust
    • Engage external stakeholders
    • Share your plan and your actions to achieve your goals and objectives

And finally, keep learning! Learn from implementing your plan, take workshops or courses, talk to others, and share ideas, successes, and challenges.

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