Tourism, recreation, and leisure – my life as a Sociable Scientist

One of the things I enjoy most about choosing tourism, recreation, and leisure as my career direction is that the fun things I do when I’m not working very much relate to the fun things I do when I am working.

Laurel learning how to clean a fish

Laurel learning how to clean a fish

This past weekend was a prime example – Erin and I escaped to the northwest corner of Vancouver Island to team build, bond, play, and brainsuperstorm.  We also reeled in our limit of delicious Coho salmon, caught a few mouth watering crabs, hiked through an amazing old growth forest, swam in a sparkling lake, built a few cozy campfires, and soaked up the sweet ocean air.  As business partners, opportunities like this provide us time to generate ideas and focus on why we are doing what we do – creating and fostering sustainability through innovative leisure research.


I urge you to think about how you value leisure in your own life.  What activities bring you joy?  Who are the people you like spending time with?  Do you take time to do things that you enjoy?  Do you take time to spend with the people who make you happy?


If you see me out playing, feel free to come and talk to me about all things tourism, recreation, and leisure!  You are also welcome to respond to this post, send me an email, or phone me to share your thoughts.



Erin's first salmon

Erin’s first salmon


Thanks for reading, happy Tuesday!